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Expos & Conferences

How much do you want to make?
We are an attraction at Expo events. Using a 4-player VR Experience we gather a crowd. With wait times of 15 minutes to sometimes over an hour, we provide something that exhibitors and sponsors want at Expo shows: Time to build relationships.
We were at a show where there were 4 VIP Lounges that sponsors had spent big money on - well into 6 figures. We had attracted a large crowd with the VR Experience. The people from the VIP Lounges kept coming over to us saying, "Send your people over. We have free food." No one would leave. The crowd was far more interested in the VR than they were in food and comfortable seating. We had attracted a continual crowd!
Let's combine all of it.
As the Expo show operator, you offer the VR Expo Experience as a revenue generating sponsorship at your show. Sell it for whatever you want. Include the cost of the floor space, power, internet and whatever else is deemed necessary for the event. The sponsor booth is directly across from the VR - Prime space! We bring the VR, the sponsor brings their sales team. The VR attracts a crowd in their space and the sales team get to work building relationships with as many as they can! They are excited as they get voted 'Best Booth'. As an organizer you get excited at the extra revenue and we get a small percentage to support our operations.
We all win.
Approximately 16 people per hour can participate in the VR Experience.