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Reconnect Your Teams!

Increase Corporate Profits by

Forging High-Trust Relationships

in your Teams!

Our Virtual Reality Experience provides an exciting and fun approach to get your teams to open communications, understand roles, and strategize how to accomplish team goals.

We incite the teams to bring these essential skills to the business by correlating the VR experience to their work environments.

When your teams have High-Trust Relationships, they are far more likely to be engaged at work resulting in much higher corporate profits.

Experience the Difference

Communication Is Key


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

You did in 2 hours what I have been unable to do in 2 1/2 years: Get my team to talk.

Eric McCuistionOperations Manager

We were able to not only do it in less time we were able to work together. Something that would have [taken] 14 days now takes 2 or 3 days.

Kamel GreeneCEO

That workshop really made us realize that the communication is the key to everything and if that communication isn't there the ball gets dropped.

Ron MayoPresident

From a manager's perspective, it was so powerful to see the synergy between our employees and team members after this fun experience.

Jack GrahamCo founder

By far the best team I've ever worked with. The experience was so engaging and I've never had so much fun with my colleagues before!

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

Our team loved it, they can't wait to come back and do it again!

Zak ReidInstructor

Being able to strategize with my team, put a plan together and then execute in a really fun and engaging virtual world, was an experience I will never forget.

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer

I went from not having any real direction in what I want to do and how to negotiating a multi-million dollar sub division deal. You have helped me more than you can imagine.

Brent BinghamFounder

Workshops are limited to 8 participants per event

Reconnect your teams

Forge High-Trust relationships and open the lines of communications in this 4-hour workshop that is as much fun as it is purposeful. This workshop focuses on getting team participants to communicate, collaborate and strategize in an exciting and indelible VR experience.

Organization Goal Setting - Half-Day

Do your teams know the company mission statement? Do they have well defined goals and a well lit path to achieving them? Join us for a half-day dive into how your teams contribute to achieving corporate missions and goals.

Organization Goal Setting - Full-Day

Every organization wants the same thing: Success! Why? Because of the freedom it avails. While these answers are not incorrect, they are too high level to identify specific steps to attainment. Join us in a Full-Day Deep Dive to explore how to identify and implement new strategies to set and reach organizational goals. This event includes a catered lunch and light snacks.

Organizations that have engaged employees are far more successful.
Consider that a 15% increase in Employee Engagement can result in:


Increase in Sales


Increase in Profit


Fewer Defects (Errors)
Disengaged employees cost organizations 1/3 of their annual salaries.
How many disengaged employees are in your organization?



Engaged employees are committed, energetic and often contribute their discretionary effort - going the extra mile to make good things happen. They are the people you are excited to see on Monday morning and the ones who would gladly take time to help if one asked them to. When things go sideways, they are first in line to help get things back on track.



Disengaged employees are best described as simply there to exchange time for a paycheck. They come to work on time, take breaks on time and they always go home on time. When unexpected things arise, they are too busy with their tasks to lend assistance. They may have a needed solution, but are unwilling to share.


Actively Disengaged

Actively disengaged employees are looking for the door. They can be toxic - sabotaging processes and trying to take others with them down their path of discontent. They have the mindset that they are above certain tasks and coerce others to do them in their stead.

What is it worth to your organization to increase employee engagement by 15 percent or more?

Return On Investment

A tech company in Utah had these figures in 2019

If they had done the workshops, they might have realized

19% Increase in Sales


ROI Spending L&D Budget on Employee Engagement


Annual Revenue


Average Annual Salary for Tech in Utah


Number of Employees


Event Cost Including PTO


ROI includes paid time off (PTO) to have all employees attend 2 full-day events at $499 each.
PTO was calculated from Annual Salary with 20 working days per month.

Achieve success in your organization today!


Are you ready to reconnect your teams?

Adaptive Workshops is the Rocket Fuel for forging High-Trust Relationships used to ignite High Performing teams who drive corporate success.

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