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Begin with a brief introduction and then dive into the Virtual Reality Experience. 4 participants will be in the VR while the other 4 are observing the behavior of those playing. At the end of the round (around 10-12 minutes) the two groups trade positions. The group then discusses communication - or lack of communication, and the effect that had on successes or failures in the VR. The concepts are then related to real world work environments. Additional discussions include roles, goals and strategy to achieving stated goals, both in the VR and the real world. Each follows additional VR segments.
In the end, communications have gone from the first group barely speaking to an exciting and often quite loud positive interaction. It is this social interaction that is the true success of the workshop. Teams old and new understand and value the critical nature of communications and have had an exciting social experience that they share and are often excited to continue discussing. Having this level of trusted communication opens the doors for other communication including the willingness to ask for help as well as offer help to others.
Best results for workshops are done in groups of 8.
Organizations that have engaged employees are far more successful.
Consider that a 15% increase in Employee Engagement can result in:


Increase in Sales


Increase in Profit


Fewer Defects (Errors)

What is it worth to your organization to increase employee engagement by 15 percent or more?

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